Florilegium (flute, violin, cello and harpsichord)

21st March 2020, 19:30

Florilegium (flute, violin, cello and harpsichord)


Founded in 1991, Florilegium specialises in period performance of Baroque and early Romantic chamber music. They have a busy touring schedule and each year perform at major international festivals and concert series throughout Europe as well as the Americas, garnering praise wherever they play. The individuals who make up the group are all top-flight soloists who, besides playing as part of Florilegium, perform and teach individually all over the world. Their programme is entitled:

Evening in the Palace of Reason; music associated with Bach's visit to the court of Frederick "the Great"

  • JS Bach: Ricercar a 3 from the Musical Offering
  • CPE Bach: Duett in G major
  • JJ Quantz: Trio Sonata in e minor
  • CH Graun: Sonata for cello and continuo in C major
  • JG Muthel: Sonata for flute and continuo in D major
  • CFC Fasch: Andantino & variations for harpsichord
  • F Benda: Sonata for violin and continuo in E major
  • CPE Bach: Trio Sonata in G major

Prussian king Frederick II became known as "the Great" because of his military conquests, but in his youth he was more interested in music and philosophy. J.S. Bach met him in 1747, and this led to the writing of The Musical Offering. Some 270 years later it has became the inspiration for this programme of music associated with Bach's visit to the court.

 For further information about Florilegium, please go to: https://www.florilegium.org.uk/

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