Artisti con Brio

21st January 2023, 19:30

Artisti con brio

Artisti con Brio was created with the aim of bringing together like-minded musicians who had worked together in the past, in different orchestras and ensembles, and dreamt of playing together again, sharing their passion for music with each other and with their audiences. Six members of this group of European string players will entertain us with three outstanding examples of string sextet writing.
Capriccio was Richard Strauss’ last stage work, written in 1942. It addresses the issue of the relative importance of the words and the music in opera, and the lusciously scored sextet serves as an overture, and as a topic of conversa on when the curtain goes up.The Brahms and Dvořák works have no such associations—they are simply glorious examples of what can be done when a second viola and second cello are added to a string quartet—riches indeed!


  • Strauss: Prelude to Capriccio
  • Brahms: Sextet in B flat, Op18
  • Dvorak: Sextet in A, Op.48

Michael Foyle (violin) and Maksim Stsura (piano)
24th September 2022, 19:30

Michael Foyle (violin) and Maksim Stsura (piano)

The Foyle-Stsura duo perform in the most prestigious concert halls in the UK and internationally, and they are making a welcome return to...

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